We need legislation to address the following:

  • Defining obscenity: “Explicit sexual material”, any pictorial, three-dimensional, or visual depiction, including any photography, film, video, picture, or computer-generated image, showing human masturbation, deviate sexual intercourse as defined in section 566.010, sexual intercourse, direct physical stimulation of genitals, sadomasochistic abuse, or emphasizing the depiction of post-pubertal human genitals
  • Closing the obscenity exemption loophole for Georgia school libraries
  • Protecting children from gender transitioning
  • School Choice where the money follows the child- AZ Bill HB 2853
  • Parental Rights based on the AZ model
  • Privacy and Surveys– parent opt-in vs. opt-out
  • Curriculum transparency to include supplemental materials
  • A prohibition on the sale of sex toys at events where minors are present
  • A prohibition on drag queen shows/story hour and gender fluidity in school plays and school drama clubs and classes
  • A prohibition on Community Model Schools (Obama model)
  • Break up the school accreditation monopoly of Cognia
  • Prohibit compelled speech regarding gender fluidity and sexual orientation (schools should not ask a child to define their pronoun or sexual preference in K-12 public schools)

A BAD bill that was passed in 2022 and that needs to be fixed SB220 – Georgia Civics Renewal Act


  • Has the potential for enabling and empowering woke educators and third-party organizations to bring political civic engagement into the public school classroom. Schools should be free of ALL political agendas.
  • Bill does not provide language that would prevent the potential for issuing grades or extra credit for civic engagement. 
  • Bill does NOT require schools to make supplemental curriculum accessible to parents or permanent guardians, even if requested. This has caused 90% of the transparency problems in K-12 schools.
  • Bill could lead to potential private funding of curriculum.
  • Bill does not mention promoting American patriotism.

A BAD bill that is being reintroduced this session:  HB1013 Mental Health – School based clinics


  • This bill will increase government control over your family’s mental health.
  • Diagnoses and the standard of care for mental health and substance abuse issues are expanded under this bill to include “recommendations from federal agencies,” and the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases.
  • The bill will create an Office of Health Strategy and Coordination under direction of the Governor. This new office will increase mental health data sharing, and adoption of federal laws in the state of Georgia because federal laws get implemented at the state level through incentives of federal funding.
  • It changes the standards for involuntary commitment and the rights one has in the courts once a person is detained against his/her will.
  • Student loans may be cancelled—not only for people entering mental health fields, but also any area of nursing and the national guard, too. This provision tucked in a bill supposedly about mental health insurance fairness serves only to increase taxes and to gain support for sweeping federal overreach.
  • This bill will have a massive economic impact on Georgia. It does more than require insurance companies to pay for mental health services; it creates multiple new councils, agencies, task forces, and offices, and increases public officers needed to respond to emergencies.

Another BAD bill that is related to HB1013 is SB 403 which exempts the “transportation providers”, contracted with in accordance with HB 1013, from civil or criminal liability.