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Your help is crucial in helping to elect Republican candidates to office. Sign up here to get more involved you your area!

This newly formed South East Georgia Republican Alliance (SEGRA) is an independent active Constitutional Conservative Organization.

The SEGRA is a grassroots, front line organization made up of unified Reagan and Trump minded conservatives, who believe in small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, the right to life, right to bear arms, and preserving the American dream for future generations. This organization will work in unity to promote republican representatives who will reflect these principals and values.

Powered by our passion, dedication, and commitment. Fueled by new technologies our voices will be heard and broadcast in the main stream media and social media. We will no longer sit idol while our voices are suppressed and our culture is cancelled. We will push back against marxist democrats and communists.

We will reach throughout our communities to discover, mentor, and nurture people that will become qualified candidates to represent us in all levels of our government. We Will Win Primary Elections – We will work with other GRA chapters to insure all conservative voices will be heard and we will have representation throughout our government.

There are several special benefits of being a SEGRA member, including invitation to all Georgia Republican Assembly events. But perhaps the most significant benefit is being able to vote in applicable county, district, and state conventions and meetings to determine whether to endorse candidates in a Republican primary. A two-thirds vote is required for an endorsement.

Our Influence Will Grow – Our bold beginnings as the Chatham County Patriots has already helped to shape the composition of our county government, our GA GOP, our state legislature, and our congressional delegation. As a GRA charter we will become more organized and more effective.

If you are a member of any group aligned with the US Constitution (912ers, Tea Partiers, Eagle Forum, Right to Life, Gun Owners of America, NRA members, Conservatives) then you are a candidate for joining the SEGRA and you are needed!

The South East Georgia Republican Alliance Mission

Our mission is to help the Republican Party live up to the platform and the principles of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. This will be accomplished through:

  • Representation – We will impact local government through the promotion and election of more conservative representatives
  • Accountability – speaking out unified and with the power of technology we will hold our representatives accountable
  • Election Integrity – We will be actively involved in organizing conservatives to guard and watch our polls and poling practices
  • Communication – We will spread the good news and motivate all people in our communities by sharing with them the benefits of voting conservative

You Can Make A Difference !

SEGRA is rolling out our tech platform soon

Now is a good time for volunteers to collaborate and write content.
Here are some topics we will need content for. Preferably 400 words to 1,500 words per topic.


New voters – A page targeted to new and young voters relating to them and why they should vote Republican.

New residents outreach – Our district is growing in leaps and bounds, we should have a page targeting new residents moving into the 1st district.

Black voters – There are many black conservatives in our district, a landing page for our black conservatives to use as a resource to help them reach out to other black conservatives that may be independent, registered democrats, and young black voters would be extremely helpful.

Asian voters – Conservative Asian voters are increasing in our district, they need tools and resources that will help them.

Democratic voters – A leading page targeted toward registered Democratic voters is an excellent quick reference tool we can all use in evangelizing conservative-minded Democrats to vote for Conservative Republicans. Independent voters – Also a good resource to use to communicate with those that are Independent or Libertarian, to share why they need to vote Conservative Republican.

News media – An important landing page focused on the news media in the 1st District, communicating on a personal level regarding the programming directors and news reporter’s openness or suppression of conservative views and values. This is an area where we can post our interviews with our local news media to publish and share on social media.

CRT and gender teaching in our schools – A landing page calling out and educating people on these issues in the 1st Congressional District.

1776 – Let them know why this is good for the 1st Congressional District.

Constitution – As Conservatives, we are all about our Constitution, we should have a landing page promoting and educating people on our Constitutional Values.

Conservative Values – Similar to the Constitution Page a Conservative Values Page is necessary to defend our values from the media and Communistic style attacks we experience daily.

Statistics page – This is a toot our horn page showing the growing Conservative statistics in our district and our state. This is really something that the media will not be able to ignore, especially when we promote it to their advertisers.


Press Releases – A steady flow of positive press releases is an important resource for us to get more media and social media attention. Push Back against Liberal Media – There is great power in numbers. Having many conservatives in our database will give us more power with the media than we’ve ever had! We will level the playing field in our district and we will reduce the liberal media’s suppression of conservative and Christian values in their programming.

Communication – Organize and send Mass emails to provide important updates and information. Also, events pages provide quick access to political activities in our district.


Private intranet – This is the private members-only side of our communications portal. There will be different levels and different group forums and areas that we can plan and communicate in our counties and our district. A district-wide forum where precinct chairs can communicate to discover what is working and what doesn’t work. Also, a good place to coordinate and work together in unusual and tough precincts. The website portal will have different privacy levels as part of internet security. These areas will have forums for members, precinct chairs, volunteers to collaborate for press releases, promotional events, and many other things, too many to mention here.

Statistical Information – These systems will enable us to take surveys, polls, and gather crucial information for our representatives as well as the news and social media. Where the media is concerned there is power in numbers.

Outreach – Multiple landing pages are quick resources for all of us when defending and promoting our Conservative and Christian values. These landing pages can be helpful evangelistic tools, especially for precinct captains. Here are some key categories.

Activities Calendar – This calendar will be integrated with social media and will be a quick reference for activities in and around our district.

Delegate forum – A private communications portal for delegates and alternates to learn about upcoming events and elections.

Education – A huge priority for us to target our school boards and key educational groups like GAEL (Georgia Association of Educational Leaders) and PAGE (Professional Association of Georgia Educators).

You Can Make A Difference !

We will want other volunteers to learn the system, train others, and be tech support.