SEGRA Leadership

SEGRA Leadership

Brittany Brown, President

Podcast producer- schedules, records, edits, and uploads episodes.

Podcast host- writes and researches topics to host successful podcasts

Certified Project Manager- plans and manages projects for timely completion

Social Marketing Specialist – puts together social media campaigns

Experienced Manager – leads, manages and develops employees

“My mother is the prime example of the American Dream. Without a high school diploma, she started at the ground level working at Wendy’s. She worked hard and earned the role of an operations manager for over 17 stores. Everyone deserves a shot at the American Dream. I’m fighting to keep America a place where everyone has the freedom and opportunity to live up to their full potential. Focused on action, the Southeast Republican Assembly is a place I can make a difference.”
Keith Padgett

Keith Padgett, 1st Vice President

Small business owner

20 years experience as an automotive/industrial/commercial/aviation painter

6 years teaching in the local technical college

Recently ran for local school board

Savannah native

“I am hard working and a team player. That’s the secret to success. It’s the American Dream for all of us. I want Chatham County children to understand that formula: hard work, cooperation, and the skills to contribute to society. That is what is needed, and that’s what we should be teaching them. We should all be fighting for the opportunity to be the masters of our own fate. The Southeast Republican Assembly has the right values; it’s where I can get my message across.”

David Little 2nd VP

David Little, 2nd Vice President

Quality Assurance Engineer at VeriSign

Sr IT Business Analyst at Gulfstream Aerospace

Medicare Insurance Broker

Campaign worker for true conservative candidates: Door-to-door campaigning and phone calls

Precinct chairman for the GOP

GOP Delegate to county, district, and state conventions

Excel knowledge

“I feel passionate about taking action to support my conservative beliefs. My wife does as well. One of these beliefs is that we all have an obligation to protect the innocent. As a result, my wife and I became foster parents for an adoption agency. Over the years, we have cared for 31 newborn babies. I joined the Southeast Republican Assembly because this organization also believes in taking action to support your convictions.”

Jerilyn Gibbs 3rd VP

Jerilyn Gibbs, 3rd Vice President

Attorney in Washington DC

Corporate Director/Manager

Litigation experience

President of a nonprofit Board

Public speaker

“I’ve been busy for two shifts all my life, it seems: night law school; working motherhood. I missed popular TV shows, pop music hits and I didn’t even know that they stopped making convertibles for twenty years. When I started paying attention, it was 2017, and I was shocked at the behavior of the Democrats and the media. Who were these people? They acted like this was a third-world country, not the United States of America. After losing sleep for four years, I decided I had two choices: go into intensive psychotherapy or do something to save this country from people who would destroy it. I found the Southeast Republican Assembly and made my choice!”

Jennifer Salandi Treasurer

Jennifer Salandi, Treasurer

Successful entrepreneur – for 20 years, owned and operated a historic inn in Savannah GA; listed in top ten percent of small hotels in the United States

Politico – lifelong interest and active involvement in politics

Campaign Manager – guided the campaign of the successful Republican candidate to Montgomery County Council (Maryland);

Grassroots campaigner – helped turn Montgomery County MD Red for Bush;

Republican Party member – Cobb County, Georgia’s GOP House District Chair and its Membership Chair.

“The 2020 election was my tipping point.  The results were not credible, and I knew I had to do something.  The American people must have faith in their electoral system! SEGRA appeared in my life with people who share my passion and my energy for doing what’s right. This is the most welcoming political group that I’ve found in Savannah.”
Marc Moyer

Marc Moyer, Assistant Treasurer

Graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point

Army Aviator


Senior Advisor, US State Department’s Bureau of Overseas Building Ops

“I firmly believe in the American Dream and am passionate about protecting the freedom and self-determination we have always enjoyed as Americans.  Our strength and prosperity rests upon small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism and a strong national defense.  The price of our freedom is eternal vigilance. An organization based on action, SEGRA gives me a chance to be vigilant about what is going on in this country and to take action with respect to candidates, issues and legislation.”