Letter to Our Represenatives

Our promise to our supporters is that we would follow and advocate for legislation that represents our conservative values. We sent this letter on January 17th, 2023.

Dear Representative Petrea, Hitchins, Stephens & Senator Watson:

This letter is from the following Republican organizations in Chatham County:  Ladies on the Right, which has quickly grown to include both men and women and has established itself as the voice of conservatism in heavily Republican districts of Chatham County; and the Southeast Georgia Republican Assembly, as a 527 organization it is the only political action coalition in Chatham County and draws its membership from all eight Chatham County districts; We are united in our concerns.  We are writing to you to establish our expectations as we begin this legislative session.

Attachment A:  Elections

Attachment B:  Education

Attachment C:  Other issues

Please respond no later than January 25, 2023, indicating whether you will be promoting these legislative goals in committee or sponsoring and/or voting for legislation that addresses these items on the floor.

We look forward to you fighting to preserve our freedoms and our conservative values.



Brittany Brown                                                                         Marolyn Overton                              

Brittany Brown, President                                                    Marolyn Overton, President

Southeast Georgia Republican Assembly                           Ladies on the Right