We need legislation to address the following:


  • Make the following public:  Ballots and outer envelopes, image authentication files, cast vote records and voting system log files, and election management server images
  • Unseal election records for public disclosure
  • Allow public ballot inspections
  • Perform regular forensic audits; eliminate the risk limiting audits. Must be performed by an independent company which has been vetted for conflicts of interest
  • Access allowed by a candidate, a political party, a political committee official or an authorized designee, in addition to a US citizen residing in the county

Money and Control

  • Ban direct or indirect privately funded technical services
  • Ban private monies
  • grants from non-governmental organizations or the federal government shall go to the SOS to be distributed equitably among all counties
  • Ban third party vendors (ie Konnech)
  • Revoke 21-2-300 regarding uniformity of elections across Georgia and return to local control
  • Consolidate the Board of Elections and the Board of Registrars with two members from each major party elected and the president chosen by the members.

Voter Registration

  • Purge voter rolls every 30 days:  delete dead people permanently requires, those who’ve moved (compare voter rolls to NCOA), illegals and felons (GBI felon list)
  • The Secretary of State shall cross-reference the voter registration list with the eligible jurors list and those citizens who have provided affidavits that they are not eligible jurors.
  • The Secretary of State shall compare Georgia’s voter list to the voter lists of other states in order to discover voters registered in multiple states.
  • Make Motor Voter opt-in, not opt out Driver’s license or ID to clearly indicate when holder is not a citizen:  “Bearer Not a US Citizen” across the front of the driver’s license/ID.
  • Ban voter registration cloud computing (ie ERIC)
  • Investigate ERIC the activities of ERIC in its access of the personal information of Georgia’s citizens from 2019 through 2022.
  • End contract with ERIC
  • Place list of voters removed from voter rolls in the public domain
  • Failure of a county elections superintendent to comply with O.C.G.A. § 21-2-229 and 230 shall be considered an illegal act with penalties.


  • All people must prove US citizenship and Georgia residency before being issued a state identification card. 
  • All voters must prove US citizenship and produce a photo identification before voting
  • To be a Georgia voter, you must have resided in Georgia for 60 days before an election. 
  • Make Election Day a national holiday
  • No Ranked Choice Voting
  • End no excuse absentee ballots except for the following:
    • will be absent from the county on Election Day and all early voting days;
    • has a disability or illness that prevents voter from coming to polling place;
    • is temporarily out of the country (eg member of armed forces, college student, employment related, or spouse of such a person), or
    • the voter is incarcerated but otherwise eligible to vote.
  • A Driver’s License number or Photo ID number shall be required for absentee ballot applications.
  • Eliminate third party solicitation of absentee by mail applications b) Prohibit state or county governments from soliciting absentee by mail applications c) Violations: $10,000 per violation
  • All county election offices shall report daily reports to the Secretary of State’s office in a statewide standardized format before 9:00 P.M. regarding: absentee ballot applications, absentee ballots, signature verifications, absentee ballot tabulations, cured absentee ballots, spoiled absentee ballots, canceled absentee ballots and rejected absentee ballots.
  • Applications for absentee ballots must be notarized. (Virginia does this)
  • Absentee ballots must be mailed or delivered in person by a person authorized per 21-2-381 (a)K(K1)(B)
  • Ban drop boxes
  • Reduce early voting days to 3-5 days including a Saturday; add polling places, if necessary
  • Ban voting by electronic transmission
  • Eliminate the Dominion Voting system and any system that compromises voter information, transfers data electronically through the internet, holds voters and election workers information with third party vendors or in the cloud.
  • Establish a Closed Primary where only voters registered with a particular party can vote in that party’s primary.  Each party should determine its own candidates to enter in the November elections.
  • No third-party observers, such as ACLU or the DOJ
  • All adjudications and duplications must be viewed by one person from each major party
  • Mobile units shall be restricted and used only in the event of a natural disaster where the physical structure is damaged and rendered unusable. If mobile units are available in case of natural disaster/power outage, they must be available to all affected counties.
  • Require live video feeds of all areas in the facility that is processing votes
  • Require all counties to report vote totals simultaneously
  • Prohibit new Georgia residents from voting in runoffs
  • Voting of senior adults in long term care facilities
    • No mass mail out of ballot applications to residents
    • The resident must request his/her own ballot
    • Facilities must provide their residents with transportation to the polls or face fines
    • Facility staff are banned from assisting residents in filling out absentee ballots. To do so shall be an illegal act subject to penalties
    • Those in long-term care facilities such as memory care or skilled nursing with a diagnosis of dementia/Alzheimer’s shall not be eligible to vote.


  • Streamline the process for elections contests and give the Georgia Supreme Court original jurisdiction over Georgia’s contested Presidential election results
  • Allow political parties to challenge elections
  • Provide immunity from prosecution for anyone or any entity challenging any part of the election process or ballots
  • Election officials must be held responsible for addressing the challenges in a timely manner.  Create a bipartisan review panel to verify and publish the results
  • Any voter over the age of 100 should be automatically flagged for verification
  • Allow poll workers and poll watchers can take photos for evidence.  No photos of ballots or BDM readouts.
  • Investigations to be done by State Board of Elections, not SOS.  Reallocate money for this purpose from SOS to State Board of Elections
  • Counties should not be required to certify an election if it is contested or if there have been breaches to the procedures that need investigating
  • Must be strong penalties for election fraud, both civil and criminal – eg $10,000 per offense.
  • Third parties shall be barred from intervening in election contests. Only the political parties, the candidates and their respective campaigns shall have standing.

HB2 Primaries and elections, advanced voting, runoffs, provisions.  HB2 is a BAD bill


  • Extends the time period for advanced in person voting