Are you concerned about:
  • Inflation
  • Supply shortages
  • War and foreign policies
  • CRT and porn in our schools
  • Election integrity
  • Property taxes
  • Loss of liberty and freedom
  • Censorship (DHS new disinformation office)
We are too.
The May 24th election is an important step in taking back Chatham County and our country.  Things must change from the bottom up.  All offices are important, including members of the Board of Education, Commissioners, and judgeships.

SEGRA is organized under Section 527 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (26USC#527).  Accordingly, our primary purpose is to “…influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates to federal, state or local public office.”
We take this responsibility seriously.
So we have researched all of the conservative candidates running for election on May 24th.  Our suggestions as to whom to vote for are based on that candidate having:
  •  conservative values,
  • Support for election integrity and transparency (see candidate responses to Promote Election Transparency (PET) Six Questions) and
  • the best chance to win in November.
Note:  The Republican Party does not endorse any candidates in the primary and the other Republican clubs and organizations in the Savannah area are organized under IRS Codes that do not allow endorsing candidates.





There are a total of 23 offices up for election, So we thought we would do our best to help you out.

Governor:  We recommend David Perdue as the best choice for this office.

Kandiss Taylor and Catherine Davis are both great people who are on the right side of all the issues, but neither of them can beat Brian Kemp on May 24th.  Even if they could beat Kemp, they cannot beat Stacy Abrams.


Kemp has blocked or ignored Georgia’s election integrity laws and fought transparency in the elections – even as recently as April 2022!  Without Trump’s endorsement, Kemp cannot beat Abrams.


If Purdue, Taylor, and Davis split the anti-Kemp vote, Kemp could win.  Dems might also be directed to vote for Kemp. We must go all-in for Perdue!

Governor of Georgia
David Purdue

David A. Perdue,
Kandiss Taylor,
Catherine Davis,
Tom Williams,
Brian Kemp
GA House of Representatives
District 161
Bill Hitchens
Commissioner of Insurance
Patrick Witt

Patrick Witt
Ben Cowart
John King
US Senate
Herschel Junior Walker

Gary W. Black
Latham Saddler
Jon McColumn
Kelvin King
Josh Clark
GA House of Representatives
District 162
No Republican running
State School Superintendent
John D. Barge

John D Barge
Richard Woods
US Representative in Congress 1st District
Earl L. “Buddy" Carter
GA House of Representatives
District 163
No Republican running
Chairman, Board of Education
Roger Moss

Roger Moss
Todd A Rhodes
Tye Whitely
LT. Governor of Georgia
Burt Jones

Jeanne Seaver
Burt Jones
Mack McGregor
Butch Miller
GA House of Representatives
District 164
Ron Stephens

Ron Stephens
Chasity Pawvlik
School Board District 4
Shawn A Kachmar
Commissioner of Agriculture
Tyler Harper
GA House of Representatives
District 165
No Republican running
School Board District 5
Treye’ Burrison

Treye' Burrison
Paul E Smith
Theresa L. Watson
Commissioner of Labor
Bruce Thompson

Bruce Thompson
Mike Can
Kartik Bhatt
GA House of Representatives
District 166
Jesse Petrea
School Board District 6
Keith Padgett

Keith Padgett
David Bringman
Secretary of State
Jody Hice

Jody Hice
T.J. Hudson
David C. Belle Isle
Brad Raffensperger
State Senate Dist 1
Ben Watson
School Board District 8
Jasmine Polley

Jasmine Polley
Tonia Howard Hall
Attorney General
John Gordon

John Gordon
Chris Carr
State Senate Dist 2
Clinton Young

Clinton Young
Ken Yasger
Recorders Court Judge Post Stokes
Anthony Burton

Anthony Burton
Richard Sanders
Joe Huffman
GA Supreme Court:
Three Seats Two Unopposed
Third Seat Colvin
Verda Colvin

Verda Colvin
Veronica Brinson

Board of Election
Post Heimes
Jennifer Salandi

Jennifer Salandi
Robin Greco
Marianne Heimes
Recorders Court Judge
Post Williams
GA Superior Court
Three seats
All running unopposed
Board of Elections Post Hall
Beverly Meng

Beverly Meng
James Brisson Hall
Public Service Commission
Tim Echols

Tim Echoles
Fitz Johnson
There are three types of ballots to choose from in the May elections.
1. Republican (includes nonpartisan races)
2. Democrat (includes nonpartisan races)
3. Nonpartisan (includes only nonpartisan races)

Anyone is free to ask for any type of ballot.  So a Democrat can vote a Republican ballot and vice versa. The type of ballot you select on May 24th or earlier will determine the type of ballot you must use in the event of a runoff on June 21st. For example, if you use a Democrat ballot on May 24th, you cannot use a Republican ballot to vote in the Republican runoff, if there is one. If you select a Nonpartisan ballot on May 24th or did not vote on May 24th then you are free to vote in the runoff and select a Republican or Democrat ballot.

Click here for Printable Ballot Page

On the REPUBLICAN Ballot, Vote YES or NO on the following Statewide Questions

  1. The Biden administration has stopped building the border wall and illegal border crossings have dramatically increased. Should securing our border be a national priority?
  2. Education is the largest line item in the state budget. Should education dollars follow the student to the school that best fits their need, whether it is public, private, magnet, charter, virtual or homeschool?
  3. Florida has passed a law to stop social media platforms from influencing political campaigns by censoring candidates. Should Georgia pass such a law to protect free speech in political campaigns?
  4. Two of the three current federal work visa programs are lottery-based. Should federal work visas instead be issued on job skill?
  5. Biological males who identify as females have begun competing in female sports. Should schools in Georgia allow biological males to compete in female spots?
  6. To prevent ballot tampering, state law prohibits political operatives from handling absentee ballots once they have been marked by the voter. To protect the integrity of our elections, should the enforcement of laws against ballot tampering be a priority?
  7. Absentee drop boxes are vulnerable to illegal ballot trafficking. Should absentee ballot drop boxes be eliminated?
  8. Crime has dramatically increased throughout the country including in our capital city of Atlanta. Should the citizens of residential areas like the Buckhead community of Atlanta be allowed to vote to create their own city governments and police departments?